the non-violent solution

stable version: 0.3
master version: 0.4-SNAPSHOT


Why a scala.xml replacement?

Mostly because scala.xml has a lot of problems that become apparent as soon as you try to do anything non-trivial with the library. The Novell Vibe project makes extensive use of scala.xml, and it has been an incredibly painful experience. The good news is that our pain is your gain, since we have drawn on that (very unpleasant) experience in the design and implementation of Anti-XML.

An exhaustive list of features is beyond the scope of this FAQ, but even a cursory glance through the documentation should illuminate many of the significant areas where Anti-XML is functionally distinct from scala.xml.

What is the ultimate goal of the project?

Not to suck.

We sincerely hope that this library is useful to anyone trying to do serious XML processing in Scala. Ultimately, it would be very nice if Anti-XML were incorporated into the Scala standard library as a replacement for scala.xml. However, such a change would be backwards-incompatible and is a decision which is entirely out of our hands. At any rate, we're not there yet. For now, we're stablizing, experimenting and streamlining the library and API. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know!

How can I help?
We have an extensive todo list which contains most of the big, brainstorm ideas that have been driving our development. Also, like any non-trivial project, we do have outstanding bugs. Feel free to grab anything that strikes your fancy and start hacking! Alternatively, you may feel inspired to work on something that we hadn't even considered. Feel free to experiment and try different things! Be sure to read the contributing information and submit a pull request if you want your changes to be incorporated into the main-line repository.
What license is used by Anti-XML?
The BSD License.
Who is responsible for this monstrosity?

An exhaustive list of contributors would be impossible to keep up to date. However, the major contributions have come from the following sources (in order of contributed lines):

Is Anti-XML ready for production use?

Mostly, yes. We have a very extensive test suite, and we strive to ensure a high quality of code. However, bugs are inevitable, and we are a very young project. While I would feel comfortable using Anti-XML in a production setting, different people have different comfort levels with such things.

The best answer here is simply to judge for yourself. Clone the Git repository, build the sources, read the spec suite and generate a code coverage report. Try a few examples and see what you think.

Is the API stable?
Mostly, but we don't make any guarantees at this point. We're currently in a pre-1.0 state, and so we don't feel any inhibition with respect to API changes. The main concepts and even most of the details in the public API have remained stable since the 0.1 release though, so you can expect most changes and incompatibilities to be minor and easily corrected. Once we reach 1.0, we will be freezing the API and ensuring that future point-releases (e.g. x.0 to x.1) will be backwards-compatible in terms of the API and core semantics.